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Mackly Ceylon warmly welcome you to the world of fine teas…

Mackly Ceylon is a supreme tea exporting company and engaged in trading the finest Ceylon tea to a clientele around the world. Our mother company, Wimal Tea Distributors of Ranmo Tea Marketing which is established in 1980, is in merchandising and distributing quality made tea products to the local market in a large scale, covering all districts and provinces in Sri Lanka. We do co-packing and private labelling services to both local and exporters as well….

Mackly Ceylon Flavoured Range

Mackly Ceylon Soursop Flavored Tea

Soursop Flavored Tea


Strawberry Flavored Tea

Mackly Ceylon Mint Flavored Tea

Mint Flavored Tea

Mackly Ceylon Lemon Flavored Tea

Lemon Flavored Tea

Mackly Ceylon Ginger Flavored Tea

Ginger Flavored Tea

Mackly Ceylon Vanilla Flavored Tea

Vanilla Flavored Tea

Mackly Ceylon Black Tea Range

Mackly Ceylon Supreme Black Tea

Supreme Black Tea

Mackly Ceylon OP Tea

OP Tea

Mackly Ceylon Green Tea

Green Tea

Mackly Ceylon English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea

Mackly Ceylon Earl Gray Tea

Earl Gray Tea

Mackly Ceylon Bopf Tea

Bopf Tea

Mackly Ceylon Bop Tea

Bop Tea